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Our team

Lloyd Counselling has over 40 years combined, real experience, in delivering psychological and rehabilitation services. Our staff are trained to provide and deliver pragmatic and appropriate work flows. Lloyd Staff have worked in markets concerning: Medico legal/rehabilitation, Occupational Rehabilitation, Condition Management Programmes and General and Forensic Psychiatry; in both the NHS and private sectors.

Our Experience

Lloyd staff have extensive backgrounds within the counselling and rehabilitation industry. Notable experience has been in
delivering therapies and providing training, developing therapist and clinical networks UK wide, operationally managing clinical environments and clinical networks, as well practice management systems.

Our systems and processes

Due to Lloyd's extensive clinical and industry experience, we have chosen and embraced the latest, industry specific, bespoke medical software, providing us and our clients with purposeful and accurate management information. This has allowed us to be more efficient and improve accuracy.


We take our responsibilities very seriously. All patient information is securely stored and is instantly accessible, with all staff and therapists bound by UK data Protection Law (GDPR, 2018 ).
We will never use or pass on information provided to us for any purpose other than for ensuring the proper administration and legitimate interests of Lloyd Counselling and our therapists. If you would like to know more about how we use your personal data, a printed copy of our privacy policy can be provided on request.